Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May sketch class

We had our monthly sketch class on Sunday this month since my garden tour was on our regular day. I had been playing with a macro lens on my camera and had taken some wonderful photos of the flowers in my garden. These macro shots make wonderful pages for journaling since they can be almost abstract and they fill the page with a wonderful color base for painting. I love to look at macro photography,it gives us a new perspective on something we look at everyday. The tiny details that are revealed can be amazing in themselves. Take the item this month to zoom in on something and paint some journal pages. These also meek great do ahead pages for journaling later.

Here are the pages from class, Marilyns is first then Christas double page spread followed by Penny's wonderful pansy and then my page. I added some elements to my page,lines,dots,text box etc. I think I may go in and paint the text box yellow. This is a good place to add your creative text we worked on last month!

- Desiree

Monday, May 7, 2012

Macro Day!

Great Day on Sunday in Desiree's garden painting and enjoying the afternoon with friends. We had a great time learning, laughing and snacking!!! Thanks again Desiree for another fun day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


It was a fun class on playing with text - finally finished mine and realized I don't know how to spell - oh well, another day, another sketch to do.Will have to place a small something over it.   Looking forward to tomorrows class with Macros.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May's Sketch Class

Hi everyone, I am so excited to see all of you this Sunday for our Macro Mania sketch class. We will be working with some awesome macro photos I took! LOL These super close ups make wonderful journaling pages and paintings, taking on an almost abstract feel. They are done loose and wet on wet, should be fun and relaxing. The sketch class is a day after the tour so you will be able to enjoy the gardens too. We have been working so hard to have everything just perfect as they expect 1200 people to attend. I will hopefully have some printed cards for sale and maybe be working on a painting. My garden is called the artists garden and I will be painting with some other artists. I can't wait to enjoy the yard with you on Sunday as we paint and observe nature. I have some fun things to show you also! See you then!