Weekly Challenges!!!

 My blog is full of information, tips, tutorials and even videos so I thought it was time I started seeing what all of you are sketching.  Send me a photo of something you're struggling with and it may be the one I choose to do that week! If it is you might get it sent to you signed by me! 

I am going to post a challenge each week and you will be able to add a link and thumbnail photo of your challenge sketch right to the post! The more that join in, the more fun we will have. Remember to comment on posts so people will comment on yours!

Follow the Linky link and instructions so you can post your sketch right onto the blog for everyone to see! The linky link will only be open for posting your sketch for a limited time so make sure you join in right away!

 I hope you have fun doing the challenges each week, I know I will have fun seeing them! If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Challenge 1- Bugs-
Challenge 2- Keys
Challenge 3- Water
Challenge 4- Succulents
Challenge 5- Lets sketch people in church!
Challenge6- Flowers
Challenge 7- Birds
Challenge 8- Pets
Challenge 9- Fall Leaves
Challenge 10- Breakfast
Challenge 11- Turkey
Challenge 12- Black Friday
Challenge 11- Shiny vs Satin
Challenge 12- Lets Paint a Christmas Memory
Challenge 13- Painting your Favorite Ornament Tutorial


  1. I love linky - what a fun way to participate! I look forward to your challenges. thank you, deborah

    1. Oh great Deborah,I can't wait to see your sketches

    2. Hi Desiree! Seems like I have missed the challenges and I don't find the linky for participation anywhere on the blog. I'm not sure how I missed it - please let me know. thanks, deborah

    3. Hi Deborah, here is the link, I need to get more people to play. Okay we will start this Friday and I will post here. I will also try and post a calendar of weekly challenges and if we get enough participants maybe we will do some giveaways, do you want to play?http://sketchy5150s.blogspot.com/2014/05/friday-challenge-bugs.html

    4. Yes, I'd like to play. I'll keep watching and whatever works for you is good. thanks much. I've used the link you provided and of course the linky for Bugs is now closed but I'm sure the linky will be open as new challenges come about. best, deborah