Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Challenge- Flowers!

Sorry I am just posting this now, yesterday was crazy. I love to draw and paint flowers! I love to paint them realistically or whimsically or just any ole way! There is no right or wrong way. So before winter hits and all the flowers are gone lets do some flower drawings!

Sunflower Sunshine makes me Happy2 (Enhanced) from Desiree Habicht on Vimeo.

I actually just had some note cards printed with one of my favorite paintings with Shutterfly. If you guys haven't tried them you should! If you sign up they are always sending out free coupons, so my notecards were free except for shipping!

These poppies are one of my favorites but then I also like……

These roses! They are so fun and fast to paint, I will do a video demo for you and post here.

And then there is my sketchbook entry from when I visited my mom! What flowers will you sketch or paint this week? Make sure you share them below! 

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  1. Oh Deb and Diane, I love your flowers!!! They are wonderful!