Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I had fun with this, learning new ways to write my letters and text. I will be experimenting more with this, but I need to get out of my box and let loose.  I signed up for Joanne Sharpe's Class.  Waiting to hear so I can start her classes.  I think it will be lots of FUN!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aprils Class and more!

We had a great texting class and discussion on artwork and being artists. I shared with everyone my week long workshop experience and here is one of my quick paintings done while I was there. We actually didn't get a lot of painting time. Marianne and Marilyn brought me beautiful flowers from their gardens, I felt like it was my birthday! Thank you so much!
 I had also mentioned that I was taking an online texting class from Joanne Sharpe and some of you were interested in it also so I am posting the link here,http://joannezsharpe.blogspot.com/. This is her blog and you will see the class info on the left where you can sign up etc. Its an online class and is done at your own speed. Text is so much fun and can really add or take away from your journal pages. Taking a bit of time to learn how to make your text more interesting and how to use it on your journal pages will improve the look of your sketchbooks tremendously. Next month we will be going off track just a bit and having our sketch class on May 6th, which is a Sunday from 1-4. I will send a reminder in a few weeks. Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Challenge

Front Porch orchids - I have 6 beautiful stalks

Kitchen window with violets and orchid
This is my Spring Challenge painting of my garden daffodils which have been the earliest for me this year.  Don't know why the garden is so slow this year - lilacs are barely blooming, I have one rose open and some iris buds.  We have had a lot of cold weather here in the foothills, as well as frost every morning and had 2 days of snow and ice recently.  My indoor plants are blooming profusely - violets and orchids and a orchid on my front porch is the best ever - I covered it every night the temperature fell and during the snow. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

More fun with Text

Working on lettering which we will talk about at our next meeting and practice. It's fun and your sketchbooks can really take on a whole new look by thinking about how you use text on you pages. I am waiting for more spring posts!