Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Bird Class

Marilyn here -- as always a fun Saturday class at Desiree's. This is my little common Finch I photographed eating from a seed sock I hung on the tree. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

January's Class

Hi everyone, for January our subject was birds. We talked about how birds are really recognized by their shapes and when you can capture that correctly it helps the viewer to recognize what kind of bird it is. We talked about laying in colors and building layers of color and making sure you have good contrast between your background and your birds.  This was not enough time to explore painting birds throughly and we will probably tackle it a few more times. The women did and amazing job with their paintings. Penny and Marilyn brought some wonderful photos to choose from and some even brought iPads and computers to work from. Birds are tricky since painting them from life is difficult since they move so much and often won't stay still long enough to sketch. By using your camera or phone you can capture them and record for painting or sketching later.  I had the opportunity to go to the beach this last month, I got some great photos of seagulls and sandpipers on the beach. I am turning it into a two page spread. I am posting Marianne's but I hope Penny, Marilyn, Christa, Gurutej and Tina will post their own since I don't have photos of everyones paintings! We missed those of you who couldn't make class, hope to see you next month. The challenge homework for this next month is SWEETS! Sugar and spice and everything nice. Our next sketch class will be on February 9th, see you then.
Marianne's bird, she ended up doing the same bird that Shar did.

My class demo bird, needs some color!

Here is my sketchbook entry for birds, I was saving the other page to do as a demo and changed my mind so I need to finish this two page spread of seagulls. I will also journal on this page.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Charlotte's bird picture January 19

This was my sisters drawing an painting from this months class the bird is a scarlet tanger that is a bright red bird pretty huh

A bird class

This class was so much fun it was nice to have my sister back in the class we learned how to draw a bird how to measure the bird using a pencil and how to proportion the bird We learned about shading the bird and the washes in the background

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Free Weekend!

With the temperatures dipping so low this weekend I thought as you try and stay warm you might enjoy this! Artist Network is offering a free weekend of viewing all art videos. They offer all classes and all different mediums so you can go on and watch sone great art videos for free. Just follow the link and sign up and just make sure you cancel before the weekend is over or you credit card will be charges. It has been a quiet month with all the holiday activity, maybe this will help to get you creative juices going! See you next weekend!

- Desiree