Friday, September 28, 2012

OCT Challenge, bring to class on the 13th!

In my studio I have a east facing window that floods in wonderful morning light. I often will set up a still life to photograph or sketch for fun. The strong light makes wonderful shadows and reflections. I wanted to challenge everyone to try to do the same. Set up a still life, think about your lighting, think about what you will edit out and sketch it. You are also welcome to sketch my set up here. Bring it to class on the 13th and lets talk about it!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Sadly our sketch class was canceled. I had so many of you worried about the heat so we will do it next month instead! It has been really hot and muggy so trying to keep up on your sketching is going to be more challenging.

Last night the tempurature became almost enjoyable as the nights are starting to take on that feeling of fall and cool off. I made roasted vegetable enchilada for dinner last night and roasted all the fresh veggies on the barbecue. As they were cooking I grabbed my sketchbook and sat under the covered patio and Chloe came to visit. I was needing to do my overdue international postcard and Chloe was the perfect subject. I quickly did a pencil sketch of her laying there, making sure I got the proportions correct and then began to paint. Not much colors on this one but I like the way it turned out. Can you grab a moment in time this week, paint your pet, a bird, something living? The best way to do it is try and draw from life but take some photos with your camera so you can capture the face or position you like and incase they are moving too much!

Show off you pets week!
Chloe's painting before I added text

My finished postcard going to Albrecht in Germany, he requested animals!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seashore Treasures

This morning was very foggy, but I did a walk at the beach filling a bag with many little treasures of broken shells, agates and sea glass.  While still very cold outside I took time this afternoon to sketch and paint a couple of my colorful finds.  On the way back on the trail, I saw the Slala Berry bushes turning their leave bright reds, oranges and browns - some with a little green. Picked some to take back to the trailer.  Also sketched a couple of those.  Tried to loosen up with my watercolor and am happy today with what I did.

The other  day, we went through Neahalam Bay and stopped while the town was still asleep. All the stores were closed, but sidewalks of this beach town were covered with large hanging baskets of all sorts of petunias, lilies and lots of foliage around the small cottage shops.  I took time to photograph and also did this painting of one of the shops' porch.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Plein air in Big Bear

We took Jennifer up to Big Bear to participate in a skiing and jet skiing adventure. While we were there we had to exit the lake and seek cover from lightening and thunder showers. It was an amazing few days, I even had a chance to run through a few antique shops while Randy stayed with Jennifer. I managed to paint a little bit and even left one up there in a restaurant under a glass cover on a table next to the window. If you are up there at B's Barbecue Resturant off of Big Bear Blvd I hope you get to see my little moment from the rain storms of August 2012.