Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seashore Treasures

This morning was very foggy, but I did a walk at the beach filling a bag with many little treasures of broken shells, agates and sea glass.  While still very cold outside I took time this afternoon to sketch and paint a couple of my colorful finds.  On the way back on the trail, I saw the Slala Berry bushes turning their leave bright reds, oranges and browns - some with a little green. Picked some to take back to the trailer.  Also sketched a couple of those.  Tried to loosen up with my watercolor and am happy today with what I did.

The other  day, we went through Neahalam Bay and stopped while the town was still asleep. All the stores were closed, but sidewalks of this beach town were covered with large hanging baskets of all sorts of petunias, lilies and lots of foliage around the small cottage shops.  I took time to photograph and also did this painting of one of the shops' porch.


  1. Wow, I love you wonderful sketches! What a great way to remember your trip. I like how you also explain the technique you used and the colors. Great job!! You would never know you have missed class!

  2. Thanks Penny and Desiree - had fun with trying them.