Saturday, March 31, 2012

So .... here it is!!!  Spring Fling 2012
For my inspiration I used a picture from a coloring book. Next I used my watercolors and a sharpie marker. With this challenge I also decided I would figure out how to post it all by myself!!!! See everyone at the next class. HAPPY EASTER

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making paper class

This is one of the papers I made at our very fun class. A great time was enjoyed by all, as always at Desiree's.   Will try it again one day soon and see what I can come up with.  I like being able to put dried flowers  into the paper, and the seeds were way cool. I just happen to find a saying in one of the magazines we tore up that said "Marilyn Moment" - so just right!    I tore part of another piece I made and created  a Birthday Card for a friend.

Another spring sketch

With just my sharpie I sketched out another Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here!

So I think we need to give out an assignment. I had fun today playing with text and being the first day of spring I thought it called for a celebration. I used markers but you can use whatever you like. Take the word Spring and make your own font or copy a font you like then decorate it anyway you want. You can paint and use markers, stamps, cut out things from magazines, write more words that remind you of spring but do a whole two page spread on Spring. I want to see some celebrating. I think everyone has gotten to serious in their sketchbooks, time to have some fun!!! Ok then you have to post them, come on, we need to be more involved. If you don't know how but can send me the picture I would be happy to post it for you. OK Lets see those celebration pages for SPRING!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We made paper from Christa

Had a great day at Desiree's once again!!! We learned how to make watercolor paper out of lots of fun things like paper towels, dried flowers, magazine pictures, seeds and much more. We all had a great time creating our pieces. Here is a picture of one of mine....I being the cat lover took a picture out of a magazine of a cat and put him in the middle surrounded by dried flowers. Once it was dry I tried to write a little saying below him with a ultra fine sharpie and it didn't work so good! Bummer!! I think the tip was too sharp cause it just wanted to rip through the delicate paper. So I will have to experiment with something else on the next piece. Not sure what I will do with him. Maybe just keep him for myself. Good time had by all!!
Thanks again Desiree for a wonderful day full of creativity and good friends

Papermaking workshop

Hi everyone,
Well we had so much fun making paper. We missed those of you who couldn't make it. The weather was glorious and we enjoyed spending the day outside making a mess! LOL I made everyone their own screens to use and take home. They would pan for paper slurry and then add things like threads, papers, dried flowers etc to make each piece of paper their own. Some of the papers turned out amazingly beautiful. We took some flower seeds and added them in at the end, the seeds dry onto the paper and you can send them as cards with instructions to cut them up and plant their card. Make sure you include information on what type of seeds you are sending them.
I have to laugh as we started on the grass, then they moved to the grandkids' table before I realized I had forgotten to set up the big tables to work on! Everyone is such a good sport! Here are some pictures from our day together. You girls are so creative, let us know what you do with your papers!
Franza adding dried flowers

The girls trying to make it work on the grandkids' table. Marianne took flowers from a wedding to make a beautiful paper painting to frame as a gift!

The more paper we made the more ideas everyone came up with.

Penny panning for paper slurry

Being good sports until I set up the tables