Thursday, February 23, 2012

A bit of pink, close to red

I was outside pruning yesterday in preparation for the garden show, it takes so much time to get everything perfect, if there is such a thing in gardening. I do love it though, and the deadline of the pending show makes me do things I have been putting off for years! I am tying up my bougainvillea and pruning it. I want it to grow along the top of the wall but I don't want it to get unruly so the underbrush will be kept in check but the tops will bloom on the wall above the roses. The colors are so amazing on these papery flowers, almost so bright that they are impossible to capture in paint. The petals are like paper and the light plays between the folds of the flowers. Here is my quick sketch and I am drying my petals for our paper making event next month, don't miss it.

I want to see what other red things you have been painting!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fun day with paint

Okay, you guys, you missed it!   Small group of 3 and we had a wonderful fun morning painting at Desiree's.  Amongst a beautiful decorated table for Valentine's Day, we munched on doughnut holes, cookies and each one of us was given a chocolate dipped strawberry.  But, before we could eat it, we had to paint it.  This is my journal painting of my chocolate strawberry, I like it. We learned about shadows, highlights, seeds and colors. Then, Desiree gave each of us a Valentine with her "rose" technique and we proceeded to make one our own learning this technique.  Missed everyone who couldn't make it - hope to see more of you at March for making paper!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentines Day, we missed you!

      Our sketch class was today and we celebrated Valentines Day together. It was a small group of dedicated painters who skillfully painted their chocolate covered strawberries and rose bouquets! We had a great time but missed those of you who could not make it. Marilyn brought Valentine cookies, between that and the candy and chocolate, phew, we were in trouble! I painted everyone a card and our table was filled with everything red! We hope that all of you have a wonderful Valentines day and that you continue to create during the month. Our theme for this month is Red, paint anything red and lets see how many red things we can get posted before we meet again.

What do you have that is RED??? 
I have been looking around and I have more than I thought sitting here!