Monday, March 12, 2012

We made paper from Christa

Had a great day at Desiree's once again!!! We learned how to make watercolor paper out of lots of fun things like paper towels, dried flowers, magazine pictures, seeds and much more. We all had a great time creating our pieces. Here is a picture of one of mine....I being the cat lover took a picture out of a magazine of a cat and put him in the middle surrounded by dried flowers. Once it was dry I tried to write a little saying below him with a ultra fine sharpie and it didn't work so good! Bummer!! I think the tip was too sharp cause it just wanted to rip through the delicate paper. So I will have to experiment with something else on the next piece. Not sure what I will do with him. Maybe just keep him for myself. Good time had by all!!
Thanks again Desiree for a wonderful day full of creativity and good friends

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  1. Christa, this turned out really wonderful - just love it and it looks so just like you! Great job and lots of fun. Marilyn