Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making paper class

This is one of the papers I made at our very fun class. A great time was enjoyed by all, as always at Desiree's.   Will try it again one day soon and see what I can come up with.  I like being able to put dried flowers  into the paper, and the seeds were way cool. I just happen to find a saying in one of the magazines we tore up that said "Marilyn Moment" - so just right!    I tore part of another piece I made and created  a Birthday Card for a friend.


  1. I love your paper! I especially like the larger leaves in the center. Great job and I am so glad you enjoyed the class. I send my mom the paper I made with the poppy seeds she wanted. I wrote her a letter on the back of the paper telling her to cut it up and plant it in her yard. She called me all distraught, I can't cut this up its too pretty. So now she is trying to scrap all the seeds off the top! OH WELL, nice thought I guess. I might make a few hand made cards to sell at the garden tour.

  2. Thanks Desiree - I really enjoy all your classes. I can see why your mother would not want to tear up the paper, I had a hard time doing it to make the card - but just took the plunge.