Monday, November 3, 2014

Friday Challenge, Lets paint leaves!!

Its Fall, a perfect time for painting and sketching the wonderful colors that happen at this time of the year. Look around in your area and see what wonderful shapes and colors you can find.

 For my Mug Rug Club I did a video on painting leaves on fabric with colored pencils. Here is my little painted Mug Rug.

 I love this time of year and always go out of my way to catch the ever changing color and leaves!

Washes of watercolor leaves!

A page in my sketchbook! I can't wait to see what wonderful leaves you have in your area! Post your sketches or paintings on my blog with the Linky tool!


  1. Deborah and Diane, I love your fall leaves! You both did great! I did more of a tutorial in our newest challenge! Keep up the great work, practice makes better since perfect is subjective and who wants perfect!