Friday, July 1, 2011


My fruit for this week is Strawberries, my favorite all summer.  Traveling, there are many berry stands to get fresh in season berries.  This afternoon, I sat outside my camper and played with these berries.  I want to practice, but wish I could get simpler drawings - I feel I get too complicated in my shape and too much paint on it. I did like the leaf stamping so much, and the circle idea - I used this on the berries.  Ate them afterward, ummmm good!


  1. Very nice Marilyn, just some suggestions that will apply to everyone and hopefully be helpful as everyone moves forward. Remember that you need to paint what you see,not what you think is there. We often go ahead and paint or draw based on what our mind thinks it is seeing,it tells us,"I know what a strawberry looks like" so once you have the shape it fills in the rest. Next time really look as you paint,notice that the area around the seeds is raised, giving that area a highlight and the seeds are in depressions causing them to be in a bit of shadow. You don't have to paint all the details but by suggesting it in a few places the viewer will see it. Also try to leave some white to add sparkle and life to the object. That is why you probably feel like it had too much paint. I do like this! Great job using the leaf and circle from last month. Your strawberries do look yummy, I have been eating them too! Right now I am loaded with peaches.

  2. Thanks Desiree - I see what you are saying and it is very helpful. These berries were odd shape, not the normal triangle. I did get too much paint, trying to shadow them and that eliminated white. The more I worked at it, it just got worse! I was not satisfied with them, but wanted to at least post and take part. Very busy week for me during Quilt Show Week here in Sisters.