Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Playing with painting

Wildflowers in Oregon
We stopped at a coffee shop for Mocha's and they had planters of many flowers, don't know what this bell flower is.

These are of couple of paintings I have done the last few weeks of traveling.  I always love flowers, so this is where I gravitate to with my sketching/painting. A comfort zone I guess! I do the same with my photography - with the macro on my camera I can get good closeups and snap all the colored flowers. We are hiking a lot, seeing many birds and plants/flowers and riding our bikes. Hubby keeps me hoping and it doesn't give me much time to pursue sketching, he's not into sitting for any length of time.  I do get a few in when possible. Nasturtiums seem to grow everywhere and in Oregon they have hanging baskets of annuals at every corner of every town, so that is my most recent sketch. I like each one I do better than the last, finding out the dark backgrounds work well and make the flowers stand out better.

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  1. These are really wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to post them! Contrast and good value changes always help make things pop! Good observation. Looks like you are having a great time!