Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oregon Trip

Water Lilies on canoe trip
 Having lots of rain here in Oregon since we left - only a few good days for getting out.  We do walk in the rain, if it's not pouring, but not conducive to sketch/paint outside.  We walked the beach the other day when sun was out and this is a view from the cliffs above the ocean walking down - all the pines are spouting new growth.

The Water Lilies were seen on our first trip in our canoe yesterday.  Nice day, a little off and on sun.  Don't know what kind they are, but must love salt water.   The river we were on is an Estuary off the coast at Newport, Oregon.  Beautifully quiet, saw eagles, hawks and pretty little yellow birds fluttering really fast in front of us - nothing stops or hovers long enough for any photos, so went toward the patches of lilies.  I walked Historic Yaquina Harbor this morning and saw the awesome artwork Oregonians produce, got lots of creative juices going.


  1. Oh Marilyn, these are wonderful sketches. Hope your weather improves and you are able to sketch moe. We miss you here!

  2. Thanks Desiree - I miss all you too and the fun things your are doing. Weather on and off - when it gets good we head out for biking and canoeing. Trying to get all my due date stuff finished.