Sunday, February 10, 2013

February's Sweets Sketch Class!

Hi everyone, wow, we had a great class today. What can be more fun than painting sweets and food!? Everyone brought some sort of yummy sweets so we had cookies and candy to choose from in wonderful red and pink Valentines colors. We discussed painting textures, colors and what makes a good composition. Everyone set up their own edible still life and did a wonderful job capturing all the wonderful  textures, colors and shadows before eating their setups!  I think Tina had many break throughs in how she was seeing things which is awesome! After we finished up our cookie plates we did some quick loose rose paintings, no sketching ahead of time, just paint to paper and go. These are tons of fun and you can make lots of  them for cards, Valentine Cards, tags or anything else you can think up.

 Next month we will be painting shoes! Bring your favorite shoe, is it a high heel, boot, tennis shoe? What every you love in your closet bring to class so I don't have to make you take one of your shoes off!  This month our homework challenge will be to paint your purse, bring your homework and win a gift. Tina, your homework is different and is what we discussed today regarding your ding dongs! LOL  Happy February and don't forget to paint or sketch. Remember it doesn't matter what we are painting or sketching, everything is a lesson and you can learn something every time you pick up your brush.

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  1. All wonderful paintings in the class -sure you all had a good time. Will miss it and now with this foot I am really not doing much.