Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day Sketchbook Tea Party!!

Oh what a fun class we had today!! Gurutej brought her vintage tea cups and saucers and we had a tea party! The homework was to sketch something that reminded us of our moms and several women brought their sketches and we talked about the memories.
Karens cookies! Yum

I set up the table outside close to the roses in the shade and served cookies from Karen, cake, sandwiches and tea. The weather was nice in the morning but continued to heat up as the day progressed.
One of Gurutej's tea cups
We discussed the challenges of drawing ovals and circles and how your perspective will affect the oval when you are drawing tea cups or jars or anything round like this. It was fun, challenging but everyone did a great job. Penny and Gurutej didn't get theirs finished so I hope to add them later.

What a wonderful time we had, enjoying the day, the food and the company together in the garden. Wish you were here!
Our sketches for the day! 
Lauretta's page!
Karen's page!

my page
I hope to see you next month!

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