Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friday Challenge- Lets Paint some Shadows

I love shadows, don't you? Have you really taken the time to look at shadows, notice shadows and see how they play with our heads to create illusions and tell us stories about the object creating the shadow? Shadows don't have to be gray, what colors do you see when you really look at shadows? Purple, blue, pink?

  I want to challenge you to find a shadow that interests you, look at it, notice what kind of edges it has. Are they blurred and soft or hard and sharp, what does that tell you about your light source? What does it tell us about our day or light source, is it sunny, overcast?

Are there no shadows outside so you have to find something inside. Do you see multiple shadows being cast from one object, what does that mean?? (Multiple Light sources)

Shadows can create interesting effects too. Here I was playing around with my pencil and shadows, seeing if I could create a 3D effect on paper. Can you create an effect around a shadow?

Take some time, be Peter Pan and find your shadow, get to know it and then either sketch it or paint it!

I hope you will share your paintings with me!

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