Wednesday, May 25, 2011


First coloring
2nd shading
With the topic of petals, Desiree challenged us with, here is my rose.  When I went to post this, I saw the beautiful rose on the header and think maybe mine needs a little more shading.  This is a very light pink rose, with yellow at the base, from my garden, that has enormous buds and flowers.  When it dries, can I add more shading in the crevices, or should I just do another one and practice? If I go back in, I'm afraid of overdoing it., but I would even like to bring in a darker blue under the rose -the blue dried in a spot to the outside.

Don't know why my backgrounds are photographing so grey - took the photo outside in the shade and still grey.  Off for the week to Empty Spools - taking my sketch book!

P.S. - later when it was dry, I did add some shading, I think it is looking better in the 2nd photo - a learning experience. 

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  1. Marilyn I love your rose, good job. You can add layers of color til you get the depth you want. Let each layer dry first then fewer with clear water and add more color.