Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why is it so quiet???? HELLO

Hi everyone, I know that you guys have been sketching and I know that some of you(Karen) already have some amazing sketches in their books from last time, please post and tell us about them!! Thanks Deb for jumping in. Marilyn, please post your sketches you sent me, they are wonderful!

Ok, enough whining, as you all know I am in Salt Lake City for the Spring Quilt Market. It has been an amazing show and my new patterns were  very well recieved. I wanted to show you the sketch I did this morning from my hotel window before going to the show. Quick sketch of the view. The state is beautiful, so much I want to sketch and not much time so far, hopefully more tomorrow. I am going to journal in the big buildings in each corner, just havent' had time. OK now you guys post something!

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  1. View from your window is great - I hope to do some scenery stuff on my trip. Marilyn