Saturday, June 11, 2011

Class project

I tried the class project from the video Diane made.  Picked this Lupine while on a walk yesterday morning. I am limited on my tube colors and didn't like the mixture I got with the red and blue for my purple, so used a purple, yellow and blue, not primary colors.  There is an art supply place close by and I will try to get some primary colors that are pure - this was certainly a test to find the right color mix ... but I did it with purple.  I find that I am struggling with getting too light and need to be not afraid to use more vibrant colors. I will try this project again and pick a different flower on my next walk - lots of them to choose from here in Oregon. I hope Diane will continue with the videos of the class so I can keep up


  1. Marilyn, I love your page. I love how you stamped the background. I think it really adds to your page and I love your colors.

  2. Thanks Deborah - I'm changing the photo, which I was able to take outside with the rain stopping. Better light.