Sunday, June 5, 2011

Latest project

Hi everyone!!! I am so excited and proud of all of you, just since our class yesterday we have more of you signed up and posting!!! Congrats to you for being willing to learn and step out of your comfort zone and stretch where it may have been uncomfortable. That is why you are all doing so well, progress is sometimes uncomfortable but well worth the efforts! Applause to all of you!
I was testing sending a photo directly to the blog from my phone, the first picture was sent directly from my phone to the blog, then I added the second one and went into edit posts to add my text. I will be going over this next month at class, all of you will have an email address to send pictures from your phone. Don't worry, you will get it, you guys are awesome!
This is a project I was working on last night. My lisencing agent wants me working on some hot pepper plate designs. They will be putting them on plates of different sizes and maybe a platter and bowls. I am painting the different peppers all around then scanning them into photoshop where I will clean them up and adjust their colors, add text and put them into a round plate format. I am telling you this so you dont think my compositition stinks! LOL There is a method to my madness! I also did a little turtle for a different project. The hospital where Jenn has rehab asked me to design their t-shirts this year. I showed them the design and they asked for a turtle to be added so I painted one and will add in photoshop.
I hope you all enjoyed class yesterday, you are ALL doing great! You not only worked on blending your own colors, you did a double page spread with some new techniques! Bravo!
I am working on something that I hope to release in the next few days, check back soon.


  1. Desiree, I love your red hot peppers. I don't think your composition stinks. Just an FYI, I have a stupid phone and cannot email from my phone. Believe me, I've already tried ;-)

  2. Great peppers Desiree! You are an Awesome Inspiration to us! Now that I am figuring this out, I will get my assignment posted in the next couple of days!