Saturday, October 13, 2012

October Sketchclass

We had our October Sketch class at the beautiful Canyon Crest Center. Marilyn is back from Oregon!! Welcome home Marilyn. Christa missed last month too so I was excited to see her and Marilyn show up at my door this morning. We missed Karen, Marianne and Ghurtej, hope to see you at the Christmas card class or next months class.

We sat next to the Koi pond where everyone picked a spot to paint and we worked on how to approach painting an outdoor scene. We talked about editing, what you put into your painting and creating good value. This was a big project for beginners and I am so thrilled that everyone jumped in and did an amazing job. We had three new people and they attacked this challenge like a pro.  Everyone did a wonderful job and I hope that all of you will post your paintings. Here is mine, I decided to leave it the way it was when I left, it is a good representation of our small pond and I am happy with it.

I wanted to remind you to journal about what you learned today. The dark line at that runs between the rocks and the water. How to lift out the reflections after you lay in the color and while its still wet. How to soften your edges. Write about anything today that rang a bell and helped you to understand the process. This is the best way to learn, taking learning notes as you go. They will be a valuable tool later and you will be glad you took the time to write it down when it is fresh in your mind.

I will be adding a tab onto this page called supply list, this way you can see what supplies might be needed. Please use it as a wish list not a mandatory list of must haves. If you cannot afford to purchase everything at once please do what you can and grow slowly. This is an ongoing journey and you will find that art supplies will happen! I am happy to share. I will also be adding things to the list from time to time so keep a look out.

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