Monday, September 23, 2013

Journaling Daily Practice, where do I begin?

In our class we talk a lot about keeping a daily journal. About writing down some thoughts, insights etc but also about the importance of spending time practicing sketching and painting. These daily trips into our sketchbooks don't need to be a dreaded experience, worrying about what to paint and what to write. At first it may seem forced and awkward but I promise it gets better and easier. It will become more organic and natural to spend time with yourself if you allow it to happen. I thought I would give you a good place to start, at breakfast! Start sketching your breakfast, even if it's just your coffee cup. It's all about practice. Then write down what you had, date the page and comment if it's your favorite etc. 

Here's my breakfast yesterday, gave it a fun background and added dots and a border. I will be putting together a video on starting with your shadows and posting it soon.

- Desiree


  1. My morning breakfast most days, consists of a cup of coffee, so I am going to sketch that in my journal as My Breakfast.

  2. Good morning! Thank you for sharing and encouraging sketches of everyday events!

  3. Hello - I just started following your blog, and have been inspired to get out my sketchbook and paints! Really enjoyed you video on painting the pumpkin tree.