Sunday, September 15, 2013

We're Back! Back together again, so glad that you have decided to join me again!

I was so touched to see everyone at sketch class, I didn't know how it would go after taking the summer off and feeling like it might be time to end the sketch class. But it seems as though you guys are ready to keep going and dive into some new and exciting things like, painting and sketching on fabric and collage techniques etc. I think it will be a fun new year in our sketch group!! 2014 Look out here we come!!

I missed a few of you who I hope to see next month. We had fun creating textured backgrounds with some collage, stamping, acrylic paints etc. Then I had gathered a bunch of my silver serving pieces and some colorful peppers from which everyone had to choose a few of each to sketch. We used gouache to paint over our backgrounds and I think everyone did a great job since it was also a new medium for most. I love the way everyones piece turned out, such fun learning about silver, reflections, textures and we even talked about the importance of journaling! My classes are focused on teaching you to see, to really see and appreciate the simple things. To be more present in your life by being more aware of the beauty that surrounds us. I love the sentence I found in the book "The Writers book of Days " that says to honor the miraculousness of the ordinary! I really love that!

Here is some of the work done at class, these were works in progress, minus Penny's piece, please post yours here Penny!
Karen chose a cake knife and fork along with a few hot peppers

This is mine, I chose a gravy ladle and a fruit fork with two colorful peppers, I need to darken my shadows. 

Christa chose a butter knife and a spoon/fork serving utensil and a hot pepper

Marianne chose two serving spoons and two different hot peppers. I love that she talked about the coolness of the silver in contrast to the heat and warmth of the peppers! Good observations today!

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  1. Had so much fun seeing everyone and also doing this project! Glad I got to go and be part of the fun day. I think they all look Great!