Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I had an idea for the summer! BUGS

I had an idea for the summer. I am going to be watching my grandkids several days a week and I love to have them outside with me. The other day we found several bees floating in the pool, one of which was a Carpenter Bee. Rachel tried to save one of the honey bees from a watery grave and got stung in the process. This made them all decide that my pool wasn't safe! It had too many bugs. So we ended up that day with a bunch of casualties which were laid across the pool decking like a war scene.

After the kids left I thought I should draw them, the bugs I mean. Then last night I was sketching out back since it was so beautiful. One of my favorite things is to pick fresh veggies from the garden and prepare them outside in my outdoor kitchen and eat outside. It is a dream come true for me every time I get to do it! So anyway, back to my crazy story. As I was sketching I noticed a huge moth on the wall of the building. We caught it in a Mason jar and I thought it as a tobacco moth which lays the horned worms that eat your tomatoes and look like creatures from another planet. Actually, once I looked at it and looked it up I found out it was a White Lined Sphinx Moth not the tobacco moth. And although in the same family I am not quite so repulsed. So I caught it and decided I now almost have an insect collection! 

I took one of my pages in my sketchbook and took the mason jar and set it on the page and outlined around it so I have circles all over my page. I decided it would be fun to make the kids each a page too. Now every time we find a bug this summer we can record it by drawing it first then looking it up. I will let you know how it goes!

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