Sunday, June 22, 2014

Capturing another moment in my sketchbook!

My grandsons came to swim. Blake, who is four, spent every minute in the pool but the baby, Bryce cried everytime we put his toe into the pool water. So I spent most of my day enjoying his giggles as I kissed on him and played with him. Mom and Blake were then free to swim together. It's taking time to record these moments that will transform your sketchbook from a book of scary white pages to something you treasure.
I decided to do a two page spread showing different angles, some more challenging than others. I did some live and some from photos I took. I quickly layed out where I would put each little head and the size. I got carried away as I was sketching and just decided to go with it and have one of his portraits be in pencil! 

Big brother and mommy got to enjoy their time together in the pool. 

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