Sunday, June 1, 2014

Have fun and improvise!

I happened to be cleaning out a fruit/vegetable bowl that I keep on the counter. In this heat the things don't last quite as long as normal. I had lots of lemons and oranges that had just started to dry out so I was going to throw them out but decided to cut them in half and make some painted stamps. It can be done with anything so I would encourage you to try different things around your kitchen. I love the designs and textures you can achieve with different areas and different cuts of the oranges or lemons. You can make up a stamped page ahead of time and paint over it or just use it as a journaling page, a page just to write about the day.
I let it dry for a few days so it wasn't so juicy and then painted watercolor over it. There are so many possibilities, different colors, outline, make labels. stamp wedges, paint seeds. Have fun

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