Monday, August 27, 2012

Biding my time

I posted this picture on my blog with the story but I wanted to post something different for our group. It is so easy to take one of your sketches and make a stamp out of it by using either erasers or a lino block and some carving tools. I am going to be making more old key stamps but what about a stamp for you, something you can use over and over again to stamp onto papers, envelopes, postcards etc. Maybe a special momento from a trip or anything. What you need to do is choose a more simple sketch, since you will be carving this you don't want to have it be so complex you can not do it. Then take your sketch and trace it onto either a piece of paper or tracing paper with a nice soft pencil. Next turn your drawing over onto your surface and burnish. You now should have a pencil drawing on your stamp material. Remember that what you carve away will be white and what you leave behind can be textures or black. Have fun!

- Desiree

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  1. So glad to hear you are getting better. Wonderful keys.