Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our toasty August Sketch Class

Saturday was our monthly sketch class and with the weather intolerable we met inside! I had some photos and went over the benefits and draw backs of painting from photos. I divulged some of my watercolor and pastel painting secrets to the group and we tackled painting a small painting of peppers from a photo. After transferring the drawing to paper I did a demo on how to approach and tackle their paintings. Everyone did such a great job that I don't think you will be able to tell the teachers painting from the students painting! I have had an interest in doing more watercolor painting type classes so we can discuss that for maybe our next year! Here are some of their amazing paintings! Thanks to all the students that ventured out in the heat to come to class and a big thanks to Randy who ran over and got us burritos for lunch which we also enjoyed as the time seemed to fly by as we busily painted!



My demo 

Everyone's painting together, see you next month!!


  1. I think these are really wonderful sketches/watercolor paintings. All are so brilliant. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. Miss this class!

  2. We missed you too Marilyn, its so hard when you travel so much, you will be home soon!