Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Still practicing

Hi Everyone - end of bike ride!
Trip is getting a little long and I begin to feel un-creative.  While in Pacific City there were lots of berries coming to ripen.  I decided to try some natural dyeing with the Huckleberries and Slala Berries.  Took several days, of boiling fabric in salt and then the berries. I got 3 nice pieces of fabric from the testing - all various shades of purple.   I tried to draw the berries, but think I worked too small - keep trying different things with my sketching and painting. Getting the water and paint to work, is not working well for me.  Never quite sure this is a medium  for me.  Have been playing with just some pencil sketching too.

Today we did a bike ride in Seaside where we are this week.  Nice ride down the City Boardwalk along the ocean and around town.  There are many wonderful little cottage homes all around this beach area and I have been snapping many photos.  One house had a
yard railings with all kinds of weathered bird houses and cat silhouettes.  I tried another sketch and paints. 

This is for Christa - Porch with bird houses and cats.
Huckleberry fabric from natural dying


  1. Marilyn, I don't know what your talking about, this medium not being for you! The paintings are wonderful, and your fabric is awesome. What a great way to remember that trip! I love your birdhouse rail, what a great painting, I am sure Christa is thrilled! I can't wait till you are back and I can see all the awesome things you have done in your sketchbook! I know its hard to stay creative when your away so long and there is so many distractions. Hopefully you will be home soon!

  2. PS. I love this photo of you!!! I think it says it all!!

  3. Thank you Desiree - I get very discouraged sometimes and your faith in me helps. I keep trying.