Sunday, November 11, 2012

Some sketches

I am cleaning up for the Fall and taking out the old spent flowers, trimming trees, taking out the summer garden and getting ready for the winter one. It is a great time to journal and sketch. Things are so interesting at this time of year. The seed pods, rose hips, colored leaves all make for great sketchbook paintings. Take the time to draw something today! If you like first use your pencil to get the lines right and then go over them with your micron pen. I do several sketches, often in different positions.

I then scan them as line drawings and save on my computer for using later for either a quilt design or another painting etc. Now that I have recorded this step I am free to move on to color and painting them and journaling. 

The seed pods were added with my brush only,directly to the paper. I didn't outline them either, which I like and it sends them back behind the flowers a bit. I also added a border, some color, and notes about my garden. Ok lets see some sketches!