Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall things

I have been doing some sketching, I hope you have too. I did this little bird auditioning it for my Christmas Cards. I was thinking something really simple but still am undecided.  I also did this car,not for my Christmas Cards, which was in the drive thru at Mc Donald's, don't tell me you can't find anything to paint or draw. I posted this on my blog but I wanted to share it with you. You might be saying why would she paint a car in the drive thru? Well the way the shadows were hitting the building and street. The way the early morning sun was hitting the side of the building.

Does the painting feel like it was in the morning, can you feel the scene. If so I did my job, if not it didn't work.  The shadows on things can be so beautiful. The surface I painted on was a bit of a struggle and it hurt the overall painting but its all about learning from each sketch and painting. Remember good tools, whether paper or paints, can make a huge difference.