Friday, March 15, 2013

Christa's Purse!

Finally I got a chance to post my purse!! Been a wild ride the past few weeks...husband retired, bought a new motor home and in the middle of all of it had to have my gall bladder removed!!! I am finally on the mend. So here's my purse...never big enough and I am always looking for the perfect purse when I am out shopping. Someday I will find it!!!!!


  1. Know where you are coming from here - being short, can't carry those large purses and mine is always too small! No grandma treats, but all my junk that I can't live without during the day. Great drawing.

  2. I am so glad you are okay! So sorry you had to have surgery! Wow, you have been through a lot lately! I love your sketch of your purse, it's awesome! Personally I feel the same way, can never find anything in my purse cuz I load it up with so much stuff but one thing is that I hate two straps, one always is falling down! I only look at single strap purses these days. Great job!