Monday, March 4, 2013

Where is everyone??

This seems to be my standard post here! I know that most of you know how to post now, so post something, anything. Even if its not a sketch or painting but what you hope to paint. Lets get some talking happening. I have been busy getting ready for market in May, a new fabric line etc. I haven't painted in my journal but I have been painting. I did these cute ladybugs for fun! I first sketched them, then I outlined them in pen and scanned them into my computer. Then I went back to my art table and painted them. These are the scanned in image that I took into Photoshop and just painted there! I choose a color with the eyedropper tool and then switched to the paint bucket tool to fill each section. You can even use the eraser and erase any boo boo's you might have on your drawing. Then I just did a "save as" and save the photoshop painted version  on my computer and I still have my scanned drawing that I can paint different colors! I can paint a bunch of different colors and save, I almost have a new fabric line now! Hey, did you notice that I painted their shoes! LOL Cute huh!? Why don't you just paint something for fun, a whimsical, little something that makes you smile! I am calling these Ladybugs and Kisses, don't forget your shoe for March sketch class!

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  1. Way cute Desiree!!! I will try to think of something to post. See you Saturday..