Sunday, March 17, 2013

Passions- Week 2 of our Challenge

Well how was it? Did you find that the Free to be Me page was hard to fill out? Did you have to really stop and look inside to see what you wanted to do with your life?  Well I know you have done your "Free to be Me" page right?, I know you all did it . Now we are moving on to our passions. Although our dreams can also be our passions in some cases they are not the same. So now we are going to list the things that we are passionate about. What excites you, gets you up in the morning, makes you anxious to see what tomorrow brings. What is the thing you heart longs to do, energizes you, the things that you never tire talking about. Write down those things. It could be exercise, eating well, gardening, quilting, painting, cooking, entertaining, friends or  creating. Are you passionate about sharing a message? For years Jenn and I have gone to high schools to share our story and the message of "Don't drink and drive" so that we might spare a family from going through what we went through, that is something I am passionate about as an example.  It isn't necessarily on my Free to be me list of things but might fit better here.  You all know I am passionate about motivating and getting people excited about art! I am passionate about my health. etc  Think about what you are passionate about and write it down as they come to you during the week. I would love to see you create your own passion page but you are free to download mine and use it or email me and I will send it too you and you can print it and put it in your sketchbook. Have a passion filled week!

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