Saturday, March 9, 2013

Your Challenge and Assignment for the WEEK

Hi everyone, sadly I had to cancel our sketch class today. I know that all of you had other things come up so I decided to spend the day painting and working on some things. Surprisingly I ended up spending part of the day with Gurutej who never got the canceled class message. It was great and we feel it was meant to be as we talked about the soul searching that we are both going through. I think we all come to these places in our lives where we want more but either don't know how to get there or what to do and so we avoid the issue altogether. I want to ask each of you to do something this month that is a bit different. It will be a challenge but I think it will be great for all of us.

 I woke up in the early morning and got this idea for a "Free to be Me" page. As I shared in the Newsletter, I have been doing business plan seminar in an attempt to get focus and move forward. I think I know you all enough to say that most of you are going through the same thing or something similar.
Here is my sketch. I love Flowers, I wrote the text and I have a Ladybug looking over the edge!
Many of us are so busy doing for everyone else that somewhere we got lost. Sometimes we just spin, because we haven't taken the time to write down what we really want to do or we are afraid to do anything because we are afraid to fail.
I painted the background with watercolor then when it dried I added inktense pencils and created layers of colors in the background

This is your personal page to dream those dreams you want. I am showing you how I did mine and I hope you will do one of your own. I want you to create a fun page of whatever you love to draw, even doodle. It shouldn't take too long to do and you can fill in your goals and dreams during the week as you think about it.
My butterfly is FREE!
Now I want you to color, paint, pencil, ink or stamp it until you are happy with your page. Make sure you leave room for a box that you can hopefully number 1 to 10.
I colored with my pencils and then wet them with my brush, easy and fun!
On your page somewhere write, "Free to be Me!" Then I want you to think about those things you really want to do wether its more art, gardening, traveling, write a book, starting a business, whatever you think about, and write it down on your list. Each of our lists will be different.

I am going to give you more homework next week on Saturday so look for it! I hope you are up for this challenge. It will give us lots to discuss next month
After I colored and painted, I outlined more, added white and pink details with gel pens to liven it up a bit. I love my page and you should love yours too!

I ran out of room and could only fit 8 items.

I missed you all and our time together, see you in April.

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