Thursday, July 26, 2012

My recent endeavor

4"x 10" Dahlia Quilt
I have been working very hard on my class projects for November scheduled classes. Got them all mailed out yesterday. Did do a small quilt with some painting.  As a result of our macro class a couple of months ago, I painted (with seta color on fabric) the center of a Dahlia flower I photographed  as a close-up here in Oregon.  I bordered it and continued the quilting of the flower and leaves into the borders.

Kind of in a creative slump right now, trailer is getting a little confining and weather has been cool and overcast everyday.Tried some watercolor in m sketchbook the other day and just wanted to trash it! All will pass - hopefully weather will change - I like Oregon in the summer, but this year it is really different, cold and misty most of the time. Everyone enjoy the Long Beach show.

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  1. Marilyn, that is just beautiful! You are amazing! I love it! It gives me a good idea for a new quilt, thanks for sharing! I love how you used our macro project and turned it into fabric and then let the edges disappear into another fabric with just thread lines! Beautiful!!