Thursday, July 19, 2012

Taking time to smell the roses or daisies!

When life gets crazy, and your time seems to keep disappearing, your priorities get all jumbled up due to deadlines it's time to just stop and take a moment to be still. I had one of those weeks and by Sunday I was tired and felt drained but I gathered my sketchbook and paints and walked around the garden looking for inspiration and picked a beautiful gerbera daisy. I got a cup of coffee and settled down in my chair outside to just relax. I sat for the longest time just looking out to the yard and thinking about how thankful I was and how blessed I felt for my life. In all it's craziness I still love my life,don't you love yours?! I then took my sketchbook and started to sketch and paint, the little still life of brushes,paints and my daisy were perfect. Here is my breath of renewal, my moment to regroup and feel grateful for everything!

- Desiree

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